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How does a proxy connection work in SOAX

Frequently asked questions about authorization methods and additional features

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What authorization methods does SOAX have?

You can choose between Whitelisted IPs (IP authorization) and login/password. Both of them provide the ability to connect to the same common IP pool.

You can choose any option convenient for you and suitable for your software.

In our articles, you can read more about the connection processes with authorization by login/password and Whitelisted IP.

How many IPs and ports will be available within the package?

No matter what package you choose, you will get access to the entire IP pool.

The number of ports is the number of IP addresses that can be used simultaneously. Each package has a different number of ports available to use.

Can I choose Geo targeting?

Yes, you can narrow down your targeting settings to a specific city or mobile operator (country/region/city/ISP). Every package offers access to over 200 GEOs.

Also, you can get a list of all available GEOs and ISPs in the Online Check menu within your Dashboard or check this article.

You may contact the Support Team in chat in case you need detailed information.

Can I buy additional GBs?

Sure, you can buy additional GBs in your Dashboard after you get a full subscription!

Please take a look at the following article to find out how to do it.

How does the proxy rotation work in SOAX?

We offer several flexible types of rotation. You can get new IP on each request or set it up starting from 1 minute.

More about our rotation in this article.

Can I create a proxy list?

Yes, you can create a proxy list in any format or using {login}, {pass}, {domain}/{IP}, and {port} parameters.

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