Buying additional bandwidth may be needed when you exceed the traffic limits included in your package. This is the tip when you may see the "Package suspended" message.

Tip: the fact that you've exceeded the traffic limits is a perfect reason to think about getting a bigger package ;)

You can easily increase your limits by purchasing additional traffic:
1. click on the "Add traffic" button;
2. specify the required amount of additional traffic;
3. click on "Buy Now" and confirm your purchase in the new popup window.

The cost of purchased traffic matches the pricing of $ per GB in your package. For example, the additional traffic is estimated at $ 12/GB for the Starter WiFi package.

Funds for the purchased traffic are withdrawn from the payment method binded to your package.

Please, keep in mind that additional GBs have to be used until your package renews itself. For example, if you used all your bandwidth on June 14th and your package will renew on June 21st, make sure all additional traffic will be used until June 21st 😉

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