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SOAX has a user-friendly system enabling you to set up the proxy connection easily. In case you face any connection issues, make sure that you have followed all the steps from our self-troubleshooting checklist - most of the problems can be quickly resolved by yourself:

  1. Please check your side's internet connection and make sure your software works correctly.

  2. If you work with the login/password authorization, please note that you don't need to whitelist your IP and add any filters in the Whitelisted IPs section.

  3. If you decide to work with the IP authorization, make sure you have updated your current IP address in the IP Whitelist section. You can use our checker to find out what your current IP is. Without your IP address being linked with the package, proxies will not work.

    Please note that when using the IP method, it is very important to add IP filters and use exclusively ports 10000 for connections.

  4. If you are not able to connect to a particular location or a particular ISP.

    It might mean that, at this very moment, there are no residential devices available online that can match all your added filters.
    Try to make your target less precise - remove some of the filters. For example, if you are trying to connect to proxies with Country/Region/City and ISP filters, try to leave only a filter by Country. Thus, you can access a bigger pool of IP addresses and make your connection more stable.

  5. No connection on a particular port.

    If you face a connection issue on one of the ports, please switch to another one and recheck the connection. It might happen that you accidentally got an IP that has gone offline at the time of connection, or the internet speed has become slow on the side of that particular residential device.

  6. Slow Speed.

    Proxy speed is not something we can control directly. Our proxies are based on real devices, so their speed may vary depending on factors beyond our control. ​To get an IP with high speed, try changing the port number to get a new IP (for example, from 9001 to 9002), as some IPs have higher speeds than others.​ In addition, we recommend expanding GEO targeting by removing some parameters. For example, if you tried to connect to a proxy with a filter by country/region/city/ISP, then try leaving only the filter by country or country/region.

    IP speed is also affected by your distance from the connected GEO. In this case, choose a country to connect that is closer to your location.

  7. There is no access to a particular website.

    It is possible that you are trying to connect to a site that is in our Firewall. Please note that we restrict access to all financial, government, and news resources.

    You can submit a request to open this domain, especially for you. To do this, open the Profile section in your personal account, go through verification (if you have not done so before), and leave a request to open a domain or port. ​

    Please try to answer all questions in as much detail as possible - this will help us make a decision. We will contact you after the team makes a decision or for clarification questions.

  8. The connection is interrupted.

    You may be using the Sticky IP function together with Hold IP - in this case, if the IP goes offline, the port will continue to try to connect to this IP during the time specified in the Sticky IP setting. To resume working with the proxy, you need to change the port to connect to the new IP address. In addition, you can remove the tick from the Hold IP function, in which case you will automatically receive a new IP without interruption in work if the old one goes offline.

  9. Traffic limit exceeded.

    ​When you run out of traffic you can face the following message in your dashboard.

    In order to get more data, click on the "Add traffic" button and confirm your purchase.

  10. Make sure that your subscription has not expired.

    If you can see a lock sign🔒with the message that your package has expired - you may:

    • Purchase a new subscription plan to continue working with proxies.
      Сlick the "+ Buy package" button at the top of your dashboard.

    • Or you can reactivate the subscription.
      Сlick the "Reactivate subscription" button in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

If you still have any questions or experience any problems, please get in touch with our Support Team via live chat or email [email protected] 👩‍💻👨‍💻

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