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US ISP proxies
US ISP proxies
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ISP proxies are provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and let you browse the web under a different IP address. They are stable and fast, making them great for web scraping, managing multiple accounts, or keeping your browsing more private.

Speed and stability 🚀

ISP proxies combine the speed of data centre proxies and the anonymity of residential proxies. They're faster than residential proxies and more stable than mobile proxies. If you need high-speed and consistent performance, go for ISP proxies.

Coverage 🌐

The available GEO at the moment is only the U.S. and only country-level targeting. However, we are actively working on adding more GEOs!

Rotation 📌

ISP proxies support several rotation options at the moment. Here are they:

  • Thanks to the Sticky IP feature, you can stay on the same IP from several minutes up to 24 hours, it's up to the time interval that you'll set up. You will get the new IP after the rotation period expires.

  • "New IP on each request" means you will receive a new IP from a proxy server for every new request. Every new website or page you load will be opened via a new IP address.

  • You can choose any suitable rotation period of up to 24 hours in the dashboard by clicking on the “IP rotation” option.

  • If you need to change IP independently, you can use the Sticky Sessions feature. More information about this feature is here.

Which use cases will benefit from using SOAX ISP? 👀

  • Web scraping

  • Social media management

  • Market research

We encourage you to explore this latest offering and asses the firsthand experience of the speed, stability, and security that ISP proxies provide 🙌

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