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Datacenter proxies are meticulously optimized for three key attributes: speed, stability, and security. Their robust, enterprise-grade infrastructure empowers them to excel in these aspects.

Furthermore, the economics of Datacenter Proxies offer you greater flexibility in pricing, catering to your budget needs without compromising on performance 👍

Speed and stability 🚀

Datacenter Proxies find their home on high-bandwidth servers within enterprise-grade data centers, engineered to deliver peak performance. With no residential broadband congestion or cellular network latency to hinder connections, they keep your online activities running seamlessly.

These proxies expertly route traffic through optimized network backbones connecting data centers, ensuring rapid data transfer.

Enhanced security 🕵️‍♀️

Datacenter Proxies come equipped with advanced encryption protocols, including HTTPS, TLS 1.2, and AES-256 bit. Hosted on enterprise servers designed with security in mind, they provide a robust defense against potential threats. Enterprise data centers implement firewalls and intrusion detection systems, bolstering the security of proxies.

Datacenter Proxies are often regarded as safer options for certain applications since they are not vulnerable to the risks associated with devices within a residential network that might be compromised or infected with malware.

Rotation 👀

Datacenter shared proxies support several rotation options at the moment. Here are they:

  • Thanks to the Sticky IP feature, you can stay on the same IP from several minutes up to 24 hours, it's up to the time interval that you'll set up. You will get the new IP after the rotation period expires.

  • New IP on each request means you will receive a new IP from a proxy server for every new request. Every new website or page you load will be opened via a new IP address.

  • You can choose any suitable rotation period of up to 24 hours in the dashboard by clicking on the “IP rotation” option.

  • If you need to be able to change IP by yourself, you can use the Sticky Sessions feature. More information regarding this feature is here.

Coverage 🌐

SOAX offers Datacenter proxies from the following countries:

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • France

  • Germany

  • Poland

  • Spain

Which use cases will benefit from using SOAX Datacenter Proxies?

  • Web scraping and Data extraction

  • SEO monitoring and SERP tracking

  • Ad verification

The potential use cases are numerous.

We encourage you to explore this latest offering and asses the firsthand experience of the speed, stability, and security that Datacenter Proxies provide 🙌

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