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What is a proxy?
What is a proxy, and what are the benefits of SOAX service
What is a proxy, and what are the benefits of SOAX service

The purpose of using a proxy and what SOAX can offer you as a proxy provider.

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The Internet is a huge virtual world, and videos of cats can be found on almost any site 😸

However, access to some sites may be denied to users, or the sites themselves may be hidden from visitors. Such sites are only open to certain people or available for visits at certain times. Proxies, however, can help overcome these limitations.

Why SOAX proxies?

SOAX proxy provider that offers reliable and cost-efficient solutions for both businesses and individuals.

The SOAX platform has over 191 million IPs with a wide range of GEOs and the ability to narrow targeting settings to a specific city or provider (country/region/city/provider).

Even with a minimal (Starter) SOAX plan, you have access to the entire existing pool of IP addresses.

Here is what we can offer you:

If you are interested in our offer, follow the link, check our price list, and choose the package that suits you! 🤩

Don't know what package would be best for you?

Please write to us via chat or email [email protected], and we'll be happy to help you choose a package.

What are the benefits of using a proxy?

Proxies are a convenient way to access the Internet for those who often need anonymity and security. Proxies can help you browse your favorite websites without sharing personal information, location, or computer data with third parties 😊

What is a proxy?

The simple way to put it, a proxy server is a remote computer through which you can connect to the Internet. The purpose of a proxy server is to hide the real IP address, which can be important for various reasons 💻

Sometimes proxies are used to access websites that may be blocked by network administrators (at work, for example).

Some people use proxies to bypass site filters, such as children's filters, which parents use to control their visits to certain sites.

Others use proxies to keep their search history and cookies off their computer's hard drive.

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