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Rotation is the process of changing the IP you are connected to. Since residential/mobile proxies are real devices, rotation is their nature. Devices can go offline for a while and be out of network coverage.

With SOAX, you can set up a flexible rotation that suits your needs and is easy to manage.

In your Dashboard, you can see several rotation options, and we will now describe them:

  • You can set up the Same IP up to rotation, meaning that the IP address will be available for use within the particular time you've specified, assuming it remains online during that time. If the IP goes offline even before the rotation time comes, a new one will automatically be assigned to you.

The lifetime of each IP address is unique.

  • Hold IP if connection lost (Sticky IP): this feature allows you to keep your IP address connected to a specific port for a specified period of time as long as your IP remains online. Typically, your IP address changes as soon as it blinks or loses connection, even for a second. However, with the Sticky IP feature, we prevent this from happening.

If you activated Sticky IP and the address went offline before the rotation time expired, you have to wait for the IP to come online again, or you can change the port number (new port = new IP).

  • Rotating - New IP on each request means you will receive new IP from a proxy server for every request. Therefore, every new website or page you load will be opened via a new IP address.

    In case any assistance is required - just contact us via [email protected], and we'll do our best to help you :)

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