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Step 3 - Passing the verification procedure via Sumsub
Step 3 - Passing the verification procedure via Sumsub

Tips for passing the verification procedure/KYC

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Sumsub is a reliable service that assists in performing the KYC procedure. By verifying your identity, this process safeguards your account from potential hacking attempts and deters any fraudulent or malicious use of our proxies.

Verification is a mandatory step in order to start using our service. The process is launched automatically right after you purchase a trial package.

The verification process takes about 5 minutes and can be taken via your Dashboard:

Please note that your documents remain inaccessible to us throughout the verification process. We are only able to view the final status of your application.

To make the verification process swift and seamless, here are some tips to follow:

  • Ensure that both sides of the document are captured in the uploaded photos;

  • The document should be valid for at least one month from the date of upload;

  • The document must not be stained, scratched, or torn;

  • Essential details such as the user's full name, date of birth, and MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) must be present and legible;

  • All documents submitted must belong to the same individual;

  • The uploaded file should be an original photo or scan in JPG, JPEG, PNG, or PDF format, and its size should be no less than 100 KB or 300 DPI;

  • Make sure all corners of the document are visible and free from foreign objects or graphic elements;

  • Do not edit the uploaded photo using any graphics software or convert it to PDF;

  • In most cases, the document should not be digital;

  • Avoid using a proxy, VPN, or anti-detect browser during the verification process.

Here's some more helpful information that makes the process as easy as a piece of cake.

Should you have any questions or issues with verification, please do not hesitate to contact us via Intercom - we'll be glad to help you 🙌

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