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Using anti-detect browsers can help you optimise your work with proxies by changing your device's fingerprint and increasing your anonymity.

AEZAKMI is an anti-detection browser for safely working with multi-accounts, traffic arbitrage, betting forks, contextual advertising, and SMM. Moreover, this anti-detect browser allows you to manage the creation of multiple fingerprints via a single account. You can install this browser following the link.

Below you can watch our video on how to connect to a proxy through Aezakmi:

We’ve gathered a step-by-step guide on setting up our proxies via the Aezakmi browser.

The whole integration process takes just a few minutes. For a start, you need to open the Aezakmi browser and choose the necessary settings:

  1. Select the required parameters, such as:
    - the operating system
    - browser
    - screen resolution
    - video card model

  2. Press the ‘Generate Fingerprint’ button.

After getting the result, you can add the proxy to this unique fingerprint you’ve generated.

First, you need to press the “Enable Proxy” button and then specify the following parameters from your SOAX Dashboard:

  1. Protocol: only HTTP

  2. Address: SOAX hostname or server IP address

  3. Port: starts with 9000 for the login/password authorisation method

  4. User: your SOAX login

  5. Password: the password that you generate in the Quick Access section of your SOAX Dashboard
    NB! Our password contains the following symbols ";;" that are supposed to be changed into "_" for a successful IP connection.

After inputting all necessary data, check the proxy and click on the “Save Fingerprint” button. Here we go:

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. We’ll be glad to assist you via our Intercom live chat that is located at the right bottom corner of your screen :)

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