VMLogin proxy setup

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VMLogin is a popular anti-detect browser that helps avoid account blocks and bans. It extends the lifetime of your account, makes your connection more secure, and keeps the IP pool clean.

You may download the latest VMLogin browser version here.

You can check our video tutorial on how to connect to proxies via VMLogin:

For a start, we need to open VMLogin browser and hit the button "+ New browser profile" and "Setting proxy server."

After that, you will need to enter your proxy data from the subscription. The proxy setup window should look like this -

You may find your profile in the "Browser profile tab".

In order to enable it, you may click on it with the right button of your mouse and select "Launch profile".

For IP address authorization you just need to Whitelist your IP, enter the host IP address and port number assigned to the corresponding filter in the IP Address section of your SOAX profile.

Congratulations, you're all set!

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