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Jarvee is considered to be one of the best social media automation software.

You may download it from the official website up here.

Let’s have a look at how you can easily set up SOAX proxies for social media in Jarvee software.

Here you may check our video tutorial:

At the very beginning, we should open the “Proxy Manager” tab and then choose “Add Proxy”.

In case you want to use login/pass authorization, unpin the checkmark in the "Hide username and password" option. Let's check if our proxy setting is valid and click on "Verify all proxy". You will see "Valid" in the Status column.

Here is how the proxy setting should look like:

In order to connect to the proxy, you may choose your Social profile from the drop-down list and click "Start". Also, you can click on "Browse" on the right side of your proxy setting. Each option will open a separate tab.

You’re all set and ready to set up your social media profiles.

Good luck!

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