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DuckDuckGo proxy setup

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DuckDuckGo is a popular alternative to Google search engine. It aims to protect users' data and provide privacy and security.

DuckDuckGo comes in three different forms:

  • DDG search engine (website);

  • DDG browser extension;

  • DDG app (iOS or Android).

You can download DuckDuckGo browser extension here.

To set up SOAX proxies via your browser, you can follow one of the links depending on your browser: Chrome, FireFox, etc.

More tutorials on setting up proxies via browsers here.

You can also set up proxies directly on Windows or Mac.

In case you want to use the DuckDuckGo App, you can follow our tutorials “How to set up SOAX proxies via Android?” and “How to set up SOAX proxies via IPhone?”.

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