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Connecting to SOAX proxies via iPhone is relatively easy.

The best way is to download the proxy app and manage proxies there. You may install this one - Potatso Lite.

You can check our video tutorial on how to connect to proxies via iPhone:

Once you are done, open Potatso Lite app, click the "Add a proxy" button, and click the "Add" button under the Manual Input field.

For a start, we need to click the "Authentication" option and select "Password". After, in the "Type" setting, select the protocol - Socks5 or HTTP and fill out the empty fields as shown in the screenshot below. When you are finished, click "Done".

In order to enable your proxy setup, you need to click on the Play button and allow Potatso Lite app to add VPN configurations to your device.

For IP address authorization you just need to Whitelist your IP, then select "None" in the Authentication option in Potatso Lite app. Enter the host address and port number assigned to the corresponding filter in the IP Address section of your SOAX profile.

Congratulations, you're all set!

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