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ScrapeBox is a SEO tool used by companies and freelancers across the globe. It enables users to harvest URLs, verify backlinks, post mass comments and increase online presence.

You may download the latest ScrapeBox browser version - here.

At the very beginning we need to check the “Use Proxies” box under “Select Harvester and Proxies” window:

After, we need to click "Edit" at the very bottom to configure the proxies:

authentication information

Now, we can enter our proxy credentials from the SOAX dashboard depending on the authorisation method we are using.

Everything should look as in the example below.

Select the proxies from the list and click “Modify”:

After, we may click on the option "Mark all Proxies as Non-Socks proxies". If done correctly, you should see the letter “N” under each entered proxy in the "S" field of the proxy table:

Configure the other parts of your ScrapeBox settings and check if your harvester status reads “Proxies Enabled”.

For IP address authorisation you just need to Whitelist your IP, enter the host IP address and port number assigned to the corresponding filter in the IP Address section of your SOAX profile.

Congratulations, you're all set!

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