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What are the benefits of your service?

  • Dynamic rotation and 100% residential proxies (owned by real devices) with rich geo-targeting;

  • Flexible country/region/city/ISP-level targeting;

  • 8.5 million IP pool;

  • We support both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols;

  • Compatible with many software through which you can connect to the proxy.

  • Individual approach, for example, we can create an individual package for you in case your traffic needs are bigger than our current subscriptions;

  • Static ISP proxies (USA) with up to 24 hours of rotation;

  • Test period for only $1.99 (100 MB for 3 days);

  • High ProxyWay, G2, SourceForge and TrustPilot ratings.

Do you have static ISP proxies?

Yes! We have static USA ISP proxies with up to 24 hours of rotation. You may find out more about them here and buy ISP static proxies in your dashboard.

Do you have an affiliate/referral program?

Yes! Feel free to find more information about our referral system here.

Where can I find up-to-date information on the number of IPs by country?

You can get a list of all available GEOs and ISPs in the Online Check menu within your Dashboard.
You may contact Live Support in case you need detailed information.

What do 300 ports mean?

The number of ports is the number of IP addresses that can be used simultaneously.

Every package has a different number of ports available (min 300 ports).

How many IPs will be available to me?

In any of our packages, you get access to the whole pool of addresses:

5 million IP - Wi-Fi (resident) proxies,

3 million IP - Mobile proxies.

What type of proxy to choose - Wi-Fi or Mobile?

It all depends on your goals for using a proxy. More about the differences between these types can be found here.

Can I manually change the IP using a link?

SOAX ensures automatic rotation every time a port changes, which is faster and simpler than manually changing the IP address.

How to avoid frequent rotation?

Try changing your GEO and port number.

We also have the Sticky IP feature that can help you keep your IP for a longer time.

Are ports 25 and 465 open in your service?

Ports 25 and 465 are closed by default.
Please reach out to Live Support in case you are interested in 25 and 465 port usage.

Are your proxies anonymous?

We recommend using anti-detection software with fingerprint substitution features to ensure full anonymity.
Not using anti-detection with fingerprint substitution may lead to getting your account blocked.

How many concurrent streams/connections can I run with your proxies?

Our minimum package has 300 ports. This means that out of an 8.5 million IP pool, you can use 300 or fewer IP addresses simultaneously.

The maximum number of simultaneous connections depends on the packages that you use.

Which proxies do you offer, IPv4 or IPv6?

We offer both, but most of them are IPv4.

How long are your proxy packages valid, and how are they renewed?

The package is a recurring auto-renewal subscription available for one month.

How does SOAX resolve DNS?

DNS is targeted at the Node by default. You may switch this setting by following this article's instructions.

What proxy list formats are available?

You can create a proxy list in any format or using {login}, {pass}, {domain}/{IP}, and {port} parameters.

Where can I check my traffic usage statistics?

You can find detailed information about your traffic usage for the last week in your Dashboard.

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