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Traffic consumption and how to control it
Traffic consumption and how to control it

Comparing SOAX traffic usage

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Traffic consumption plays an important role when working with proxies. What is traffic, and how can you monitor and compare it with our metrics?

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Traffic is the amount of information transmitted over the network. Traffic can be inbound and outbound:

  • inbound traffic is the information that you receive from the network to your device or server;

  • outbound traffic is the information sent from your device.

To properly control traffic consumption in real-time and compare it to our metrics, we recommend using NetWorx Bandwidth Monitor.
To check what amount of traffic is spent, you should follow these steps:

  1. Download NetWorx Bandwidth Monitor.

  2. Open Settings, and in the main tab, tick Ignore local traffic within the LAN:

  3. Open website to download a network test file.

  4. Open NetWorx Usage Report, and reset all the data before performing a test:

  5. Connect to SOAX proxies and download a 1 MB file from

  6. Turn off SOAX proxies, open your dashboard, and compare the metrics between NetWorx and SOAX:

That's it! The metrics are equal. Take care 🙌

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