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Connecting to SOAX proxies via iPhone is quite easy.

You may connect your entire device to proxies under your WiFi network by following these steps:

The easiest way to connect to proxies will be via the IP authorization method, for that, you just need to Whitelist your IP and set up your IP authorization filters.

When you are done, enter your iPhone Settings and open Wi-Fi section. Now, you can see your current Wi-Fi network. Let's click on the information sign as shown in the screenshot. Then, you need to scroll down to the "Configure proxy" option and click on it.

Once you are done, set the proxy to "Manual", insert the server "proxy.soax.com", and the port assigned to your IP authorization filter. As soon as you hit the button "Save", you will be connected to the proxy.

You may check your proxy IP via this checker, the result should be similar to the one on the screenshot.

Congratulations, you're all set!

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