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Boost Your Proxy Experience with SOAX: Smoother Browsing and More IPs
Boost Your Proxy Experience with SOAX: Smoother Browsing and More IPs
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We are excited to announce the launch of two powerful new features for our proxy services at SOAX: Web Optimizer (-opt-wb parameter) and MaxIP (-opt-uniqip parameter). These enhancements are designed to improve the stability, efficiency, and flexibility of your proxy sessions, providing a seamless browsing experience and ensuring you get the most out of our services.

Web Optimizer: Enhancing Web Browsing Stability

The -opt-wb (web browser) parameter introduces advanced error-handling logic tailored specifically for web browsing. This new feature addresses common issues that can arise when using proxies for web activities, ensuring smoother and more reliable sessions.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Error Handling: With a specialized error-handling mechanism, this option mitigates interruptions by retrying failed connections on the same node multiple times before switching to a new one. This reduces the chances of experiencing errors and disconnections during critical tasks.

  • Consistent Node Assignment: To avoid the hassle of frequent node changes, especially in parallel browser sessions, the -opt-wb parameter ensures that all simultaneous requests are routed through the same node. This is particularly beneficial when managing multiple tabs or accounts, such as on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Reduced Node Resets: By minimizing node switches, you can maintain more stable sessions, ensuring a smoother and more continuous browsing experience.

Example Usage:

curl -x "package-{your_package_id}-opt-wb:{your_package_login}"

MaxIP: Maximizing Unique IP Availability

The -opt-uniqip parameter is designed to provide users with the highest number of unique IP addresses, making it ideal for tasks that require extensive IP rotation. This feature extends the recall time of previously used nodes and removes the lower threshold for node lifetime, allowing for a broader selection of IP addresses.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended Recall Time: By increasing the recall time, the -opt-uniqip option ensures you get access to a wider pool of unused nodes. This is particularly useful for activities that need unique IPs, such as data scraping, ad verification, and market research.

  • Greater Node Flexibility: The removal of the lower lifetime threshold means that any available node can be used, regardless of its age. This increases the overall number of IPs you can access, ensuring you always have a fresh IP for your needs.

  • Optimized Performance: With a larger selection of unique IPs, you can reduce the risk of being blocked or flagged for IP reuse, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

Example Usage:

curl -x "package-{your_package_id}-opt-uniqip:{your_package_login}"

Who Will Benefit?

These new features are perfect for a wide range of users:

  • Digital Marketers: Ensure smoother account management and reduced chances of disconnections.

  • Data Scrapers: Gain access to more unique IPs, reducing the risk of blocks and increasing data collection efficiency.

  • Security Analysts: Benefit from more stable and consistent connections, which are crucial for monitoring and analyzing web activities.

  • Researchers and Advertisers: Leverage the extended pool of unique IPs to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your research and advertising efforts.

At SOAX, we are committed to continually improving our services to meet your needs. Try out the new Web Optimizer and MaxIP today and experience the difference in your proxy sessions.

Stay connected, stay efficient, and achieve more with SOAX!

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