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Amazon Scraping API - How Does It Work?
Amazon Scraping API - How Does It Work?
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With the eCommerce Scraping API, you can easily scrape data from Global Amazon by entering a URL or specifying request parameters. The API will provide data in raw HTML or parsed JSON formats.

Main targets

• Amazon search pages • Amazon product pages • Amazon product pricing • Amazon product category • Amazon product reviews • Amazon deals and bestsellers • Amazon product questions • Amazon question answers • Amazon sellers • Amazon seller products

How does the Amazon Scraping API work?

Step 1
Choose Amazon Data API to retrieve Global Amazon Data

Step 2

  1. Make sure the provided key is correct;

  2. Specify your endpoint URL.

  3. Alternatively, select a target domain and ASIN number, and specify additional parameters (query, device type, location to identify cross-border shipping information, language, currency type, output format, etc.).

  4. Specify the number of pages to retrieve data.

Step 3
Send the request to our API, and we will take it from here. You don't need to do anything else.

Step 4
Receive raw HTML or formatted JSON in seconds.

Our extensive documentation will help you start your project quickly.

It is that easy!

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