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Getting Started with ScrapeIN
Beginning-Friendly Interactions With Scraper APIs
Beginning-Friendly Interactions With Scraper APIs
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You have two beginner-friendly options to engage with our scrapers. You can either utilize the documentation or the playground available within the dashboard, making the process simple for you, especially if you have never used scrapers before.

Understanding the Dashboard

  1. Click the “Sign Up" button. When authorized, you will receive an API key. Keep it safe, as this will be your unique identifier in our systems.

  2. You gain access to the Playground.

The left sidebar displays a few parameters associated with our tool. This tool will let you play around with our web scraper, test it, manage subscriptions, utilize documentation, and understand how to leverage parameters to your advantage before moving on to a full subscription and more advanced programmatic implementations.

Understanding the Documentation

Our API documentation is crafted to ensure user-friendly comprehension for both tech-savvy and non-technical users. To facilitate an enhanced learning experience, we have implemented a testing feature within the documentation itself. This allows users to conveniently try running sample queries and explore the API's functionality firsthand.

Scrapers have never been this easy 🙂

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