To replenish the Balance with cryptocurrency, you will need a few simple things:

  1. You need to fill in the information in the Profile section of your account.

  2. It's essential to pass through a short verification procedure.

    The verification process takes about 5-10 minutes and can be taken via your Dashboard.

  3. You will receive an invoice from us for crypto payment to your e-mail, or you can request a payment link from our Support Team.

  4. Please pay the invoice within an hour from when you receive it.
    We can offer you to pay for the following options:

    • Bitcoin

    • Ethereum

    • Elrond EGold

    • Utrust Token (ESDT)

    • Usd Coin (ERC20)

    • Tether (ERC20)

    • Dash


If you decide to change the type of currency, then you will need to wait 15 minutes (the time indicator is available) and click "Retry payment".

The payment is sent for processing, and within 30-60 minutes, the status "Paid" will be displayed. Then Support Team credit your funds on the Balance!

Everything is ready, now you can use your balance.

We wish you fruitful work with SOAX!

P. S.

I draw your attention to the fact that you need to bind your bank card or PayPal to your account before topping up with crypto.

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