TrafficBotPro is an advanced SEO software, that will help you generate millions of organic traffic/clicks on your website of choice.

Check out our video tutorial on how to connect to TrafficBotPro:

Firstly, download the software from the official website.

After that, you need to open TrafficBotPro and go to the "Proxy Center". Click "Add", give a name to the proxy group and click the "Add" button once again, as shown in the GIF.

Enter your proxy credentials into the "Proxy" window and click "Save" 🙌

Then, select the group you just added and click "Check".

For IP address authorisation you just need to Whitelist your IP, and enter the host IP address and port number assigned to the corresponding filter in the IP Address section of your SOAX profile.

Congratulations! You may now use proxies for all your traffic generation needs 😁

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