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Octoparse proxy setup

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Octoparse is a modern and simple-to-use visual web data extraction software. It will automatically extract content from almost any website and allows you to save it as clean, structured data in a format of your choice.

Proxy settings algorithm:

1. Download and open Octoparse software.

2. In the top-left menu, click on the Create Task button.

If you have a task created already, skip to Step 5 of this tutorial 😎

3. For testing purposes, we will create a custom task.

In the selection menu, click on Advanced Mode.

4. In the Website field, type the website you would like to extract data from. For this test, we are going to use

Once you do that, hit the Save URL button.

5. You should now appear in your Task tab.

To configure our proxies, select the Settings button.

6. In the pop-up menu, scroll down to Anti-blocking settings and checkmark the option to Use IP proxies.

You should now be able to click on the Settings button, so do it.

7. In the Proxy Settings pop-up, define the proxy you want to use. Unfortunately, Octoparse only offers IP:Port authorisation.

For that reason, you will need to Whitelist your IP and create a filter for IP authorisation and proxy list if required.

8. Once your IP:Port are ready, select the Switch interval according to your requirement.

Lastly, hit the OK button.

9. To verify if you did everything correctly, check if you see a checkmark next to the Settings option under Anti-blocking settings.

10. Once you verify that, click the Save button to continue.

Well done 🚀

You've successfully set up a connection via Octoparse.

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