Mobile proxies are devices connected to the internet through mobile data. This type of proxy is considered to be the most reliable and secure.

Let's discuss what makes it unique and why it is so popular with proxy users.

  • Mobile proxies provide you with the highest level of security and privacy while surfing the internet. As mobile proxy networks operate by rotating IP addresses and forwarding traffic through multiple mobile devices connected to a 3G or 4G network, the risk of getting masked IP detected is minimum.

  • Such type of dynamic proxies as mobile is considered to be the best choice for those users who are concerned about being blocked or banned. The main reason why such proxies have extremely low ban scores is because mobile carriers use dynamic IP addresses and the Network Address Translation (NAT), which allows to share a single IP address among many users. When combined, these two technologies make it hard for websites to detect or ban mobile IP addresses.

    When the websites detect suspicious activities arising from a particular mobile IP address, they can’t block it because they risk accidentally blocking other users.

  • Proxy users also choose mobile to avoid getting endless Captchas and prevent cookie tracking, which might be useful for data scraping purposes.

In conclusion, mobile proxies can be used in a wide range of cases providing the proxy users with a high security level, preventing blocks and allowing them to avoid captchas and cookies tracking.

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