Cryptocurrency is a hot financial trend these days. However, not everyone knows how to buy it or store their coins securely, which means that many investors are left out on this amazing opportunity!

In this article, you will learn how to buy cryptocurrency in the fastest way and make transactions.

The TrustWallet is perfect for storing cryptocurrency - it is available for download on smartphones in Google Play and the App Store. Download the app and click "Create a new wallet".

The wallet will be ready to use after following the instructions and saving your unique password.

Cryptocurrency buying algorithm:

  1. In the first "Wallet" tab, click the "Receive" button.
    Find the cryptocurrency you need in the window that appears and click on it. Then copy the wallet address and save it on your computer/laptop - you will need this address later.

  2. Now let's move on to the aggregator of exchangers to find the most convenient platform for buying cryptocurrency. For example, you can use BestChange.
    Select the cryptocurrency you are interested in on the site and the payment method you want to use when purchasing it.

    After choosing a cryptocurrency and a payment method, a list of exchanges that are ready to sell will appear. Please note that each exchanger has its minimum purchase limits and exchange rate.

  3. Choose an exchanger that suits the minimum purchase limit, specify the desired purchase amount and click "Next".

  4. Enter your bank card details and paste the USDT wallet address copied from the TrustWallet app in step 1.

  5. Please enter the amount, which will transfer you to the payment window. After making the payment, the exchanger will check the receipt of funds and transfer them to your TrustWallet.

After confirming the USDT transfer from the exchange site, open your TrustWallet and check the transfer. Sometimes, it is necessary to refresh the application tabs to see the funds receipt.

When the wallet has been successfully funded, please contact our Support Team to fund your SOAX balance with cryptocurrencies :)

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