Taking the verification procedure via Veriff

Tips for passing the verification procedure/KYC

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Veriff - is a service that helps carry out the KYC procedure. This identity verification process protects your account from being hacked and helps avoid fraudulent or malicious use of our proxies.

Verification is a mandatory step to start working with SOAX and is launched after receiving a trial package.

The verification process takes about 5 minutes and can be taken via your Dashboard.

Keep in mind that we do not get access to your documents on any steps of the Veriff process; all we can see is the final status of your application.

The following tips will help you pass the verification procedure smoothly and fast:

  • You need to use your own valid documents.

  • Documents should be in Latin (passport, ID card, driver's license).

  • You need to take photos of the original documents, not copies of them.

  • Take clear and sharp pics of your documents.

  • Do not use a proxy, VPN, or anti-detect browser while working with Veriff.

Here's some more helpful information that makes the process as easy as a piece of cake.

Should you have any questions or issues with verification, please do not hesitate to contact us via Intercom - we'll be glad to help you 🙌

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